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Apr 6, 2019 44 5

Charlie Red, Leanne Lace, Nancy A

Leanne Lace is working hard on keeping fit as she works up a sweat in the gym. Meanwhile, Charlie Red has climbed into the bathtub to hose her sleek body off. Nancy A. is camped in the living room browsing the Internet on her tablet. The three roommates may have had vastly different mornings, but as Leanne comes in from her workout and Charlie dries off from her shower, they join Nancy in the bedroom.

The trio doesn't spend any time mincing words when they reach bed. Instead, they let their hands and body language do all the talking. Charlie is the first to find herself in the middle, relieved of her clothes and with Leanne and Nancy's hands and mouths all over. Nancy is the first to slide her hand south of the border to explore the slick wetness of Charlie's bare twat.

Adjusting their positions so that Leanne is supporting Charlie's body with her own, Charlie spreads her thighs so Nancy can settle between them. She does just that, dipping her head for a full-on pussy feast. Her fingers creep up to slip into Charlie's creamy twat. That plus the relentless pressure of her tongue is all Charlie needs to explode with passion.

As a reward for her hard work, Nancy finds herself on her hands and knees with Leanne and Charlie devoting themselves to her pleasure. Charlie hooks one hand around Leanne's leg to find her clitoris. Meanwhile, Leanne fondles Nancy's breasts and belly. With their powers combined, the two girls easily help Nancy find a swift release.

Finally it's Leanne's turn to enjoy some two-on-one attention from her loves. She winds up on her back with Charlie lapping happily away at her nicely trimmed slit. Lifting one leg, Leanne opens herself even more to her lover's advances as she lifts one leg high in the sky so Charlie can finger bang her to the finish line.

Now that each of the girls has been indulged once, they go to work making sure that each of them gets to cum again. They create a triangle of love, with Charlie fondling Leanne's twat, Leanne feasting on Nancy's, and Nancy pleasuring Charlie. With one girl dedicated to each one's enjoyment, there's no stopping any of them from bringing each other off. Their love culminates in the deepest excitement for all as they wind things down and enjoy the afterglow of their afternoon delight.

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