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Mar 14, 2017 215 10

Martin, Nancy A

Nancy A. can't wait to seduce her husband Martin! She's decked herself out in sheer black lingerie that highlights her every curve with the tight bra, thong, and garter belt. Martin is content to watch as Nancy peels off her bra and cups her heavy breasts, and then slips her thong down her long legs so that he can watch her playing with her creamy landing strip pussy.

Although watching is fun, participating is even better. Martin soon finds himself with his face buried between Nancy's thighs so that he can lap at her pussy juices. He follows the path that he blazed with his tongue by pressing his fingers deep into Nancy's soft snatch, plumbing her until her moans fill the room.

Happy to give as good as she gets, Nancy gets on her knees to wrap her mouth around Martin's dick. Slurping and sucking away at her tasty treat, Nancy treats her husband's hardon like the gift that it is. She even puts her hand to work stroking the shaft so that every inch of him feels the love.

Now that they're both primed for a good time, Nancy and Martin relocate to the couch to spoon together. This intimate position gradually gives way to something raunchier when Nancy sucks Martin off again for a few moments and then straddles his waist and slides down until she is fully impaled by his fuck stick. Pumping her hips, she gives him a languorous ride that leaves them both breathless.

Martin takes charge next as he urges Nancy up onto her feet so that she can lean over the couch. Once she has thrust her ass into the air, Martin slams into her from behind. He kicks off a proper pussy pounding, fulfilling her every desire. As Nancy's climax rolls through her, Martin can't hold back another moment. He pulls out at the last moment, taking aim at Nancy's lush rump to cover her in the evidence of his love.

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