Wet Dream, Tuesday 6/6 Posted - June 3, 2017 1 Comment

We've got a real treat when we introduce newcomer Arielle Faye in Wet Dream, our next upcoming film that's a steamy shower scene

Daydreaming about her lover gets Arielle all hot and bothered to the point that she is masturbating furiously when her man wanders into the bathroom. How can he not spin her around and press into her from behind to help his slippery coed act out her fantasies? I really enjoy when Arielle's guy takes advantage of her tiny stature to lift her in the air while pounding away at her greedy twat.

Check back for Wet Dream when it is released in our members area on Tuesday, June 6. Fantasies come true are powerfully erotic, as you're sure to see when Arielle gets to act hers out.