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Sep 22, 2015 255 7

Antonia Sainz, Belle Claire, Tracy Delicious

Antonia Sainz is helping Belle Claire learn how to apply her makeup more effectively while Tracy Delicious watches and offers the other two strawberries whenever she has a chance. The perfect afternoon only gets better when Tracy leans in for a kiss that quickly ignites the flame of passion that simmered beneath the three girls. Soon their clothes are flying off in preparation for a horny good time.

When all three girls are naked, they waste no time in getting down to business. Antonia lays down on the bed so that Belle can plant her sweet bald pussy in the brunette's face where it is at the perfect level to be licked and sucked. Antonia can't get enough of eating out Belle's juicy twat, but Tracy gets an even hotter treat as she feasts on Belle's full, tender tits. Belle's moans of eagerness fill the room, spilling over into full-blown orgasmic bliss when Antonia replaces her mouth with her clever fingers that drive her lover over the edge.

Soon the girls change places so that Antonia finds herself sandwiched between Tracy and Belle. Belle keeps Antonia's mouth occupied between long kisses and offering up her mounded breasts for suckling while Tracy takes point on Antoina's pleasure. She starts by lapping at Antonia's bald pussy and then moves up so that she runs her tongue along the rim of Antonia's ass while driving two fingers deep into Antonia's warmth and using her other hand to strokes Antonia's ultra-sensitive clit.

When Antonia has finally reached the pinnacle of joy, she and Belle turn their attention to Tracy. Now it is Belle's turn to bury her face between her lover's thighs and go to town licking Tracy's clit while Antonia presses her eager mouth to Tracy's rock hard nipples. Tracy's breathing soon grows choppy with the growing pleasure that Belle is instigating. Belle works her magic tongue, playing Tracy like a musical instrument until she has wrung out every last drop of orgasmic joy.

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