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Sep 18, 2012 179 4

Hayden Hawkens, Karina White

Dressed only in clingy tops that clearly show their assets and cotton panties, Hayden Hawkens and Karina White enjoy a long kiss that soon turns into much more. Stripping one another down to reveal their exquisite bodies, Hayden and Karina caress and lick each other's tits.

The excitement of their gentle feminine touches builds until Karina cannot stand it any longer. Hayden pulls Karina's panties aside and teases her friend, running the tip of her tongue along the edge of her shaved soft mound. Slipping Karina's panties off, Hayden kisses her way up her lover's body to suckle her voluptuous breasts. Hayden steals a deep kiss while her hand slides down to massage Karina's swollen clitoris, igniting a fire that only her lover can quench.

Pushing Karina's thighs apart, Hayden delves her tongue into her lover's sweet pussy. Karina writhes and moans on the bed as Hayden makes magic happen with intimate kisses in her secret places. She longs to tip over the edge, but she does not allow herself that pleasure until she can take Hayden with her.

Urging Hayden to take her place on the bed, Karina presses a vibrating toy against her sensitive slit. Hayden closes her eyes and lets her companion take her higher and higher as she massages her breasts to enhance the pleasurable sensations shooting through her body.

On the verge of nirvana, Hayden and Karina arrange themselves so that the vibrator is between their drenched pussies, touching both of them in a way that drives them both to swift incredible orgasms. As they slowly return to reality, they share a loving kiss and press their naked flesh together as they bask in their fulfillment.

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