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Dec 9, 2012 194 7


Beautiful Ebbi has found herself all dressed up with no place to go this evening, so she figures why not take some time to make herself feel good? Sliding her fingers through her long hair, she gradually works her fingers down her body with light touches that feel amazing.

When she gets to the neckline of her simple white dress, she peels the panels covering her little breasts down enough to expose first one, and then the other perky tit. Her nipples harden as she makes circles around her areolas and then pinches the stiff buds before pulling her dress down to her waist and then off completely.

Wandering over to the wall, Ebbi takes her time in removing her lace panties to leave herself completely nude. Her hands roam her slender body and she enjoys the smoothness of her satiny skin before cupping her luscious ass in her palms and starting a slow, intimate massage where her fingertips just brush the edges of her shaved pussy.

Ebbi's touches grow bolder as pleasure washes over her, and she can't keep from leaning forward to gain easier access to her sweet slit and moaning aloud as the incredible sensation begins to build. Soon, though, her need to touch her breasts while she masturbates drives her to stand up straight and cup one perfect boob while she continues to stroke her slick channel with incredible patience.

As she edges closer to her climax, Ebbi slides down onto her chair and parts her long thighs as wide as she can so that she can drive two fingers deep into her tight sheath while she works her tender clit with the other hand. The penetration feels incredible and soon drives her to the soaring heights of a climax so intense that her free hand roams her body and grabs her full sensitive breast in ecstasy.

As her body gradually cools down, Ebbi finishes off her intimate moment by sucking her essence from her fingers and then licking her lips with a sultry smile of satisfaction.

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