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Jan 10, 2013 165 8

Eileen, Subil Arch

Subil Arch lounges outside in a white tank top and panties, waiting until she is joined by her lover Eileen. The girls exchange a long passionate kiss, and then Eileen helps her lover out of her shirt and urges Subil to lay her head down on her lap so that she can tenderly stroke her hair for a few moments.

The girls continue to exchange loving kisses as they help each other out of their clothes, and then Eileen helps Subil lay down on the couch so that her landing strip pussy is at the perfect height for Eileen to bury her face in it when she drops to her knees.

As Eileen makes herself at home between her woman's legs, she reaches up with first one hand and then the other so that the girls are locked in an intimate embrace while holding hands. Eventually, Eileen takes one of her hands back so that she can use it to slide her fingers deep into Subil's needy pussy, fingering her woman with expertise that soon has her writhing and screaming as her climax burns through her.

With her body still humming from her orgasm, Subil switches places on the couch with Eileen so that she can return the pleasure that her lover has given to her. She licks her way down her woman's body, settling herself at the apex of Eileen's thighs and eagerly licking at her sweet shaved pussy.

When Subil slips two fingers deep into Eileen's tight sheath and makes a come-here motion to massage her woman's g-spot, Eileen explodes in pleasure.

The lovers finish their encounter with a loving embrace and a sensual kiss where they exchange each other's essences.

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