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Dec 3, 2012 147 6

Kitty Jane, Silvie Deluxe

A simple touch on the shoulder and a caress against the column of the neck sets the scene for this tender moment between two gorgeous brunettes.

Slowly stripping her lover out of her simple white dress, Silvie Deluxe plants gentle open mouthed kisses all over Kitty Jane's shoulders and sensitive breasts. Kitty is eager to return the attention, laying Silvie out on the couch to feast on her tender pussy like the sweetest of treats.

Unable to lie still, Silvie rises to her knees and parts her creamy thighs as Kitty uses her tongue and gentle thrusts of her fingers to drive her woman toward an incredible orgasm.

As her body thrums with pleasure, Silvie kisses her way down to Kitty's shaved pussy. Laying her head on Kitty's soft thigh, Silvie takes her time exploring the folds of her lover's most intimate places with loving caresses of her lips and tongue.

She finds Kitty's tender clitoris with her fingers, massaging it gently as she gradually works her lover to new heights of pleasure.

As they both bask in the afterglow, they share a loving kiss that displays a deep affection between the two girls.

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