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Aidra Fox, Bruce Venture

Hottie Aidra Fox wants to go outside to show the world her sheer new dress, but it's too cold to wear something so revealing. Fortunately, Bruce Venture knows just how to comfort her with a warm glass of tea and a blanket. Soon Bruce's sweet side is rewarded when Aidra proves to be open to being seduced.

Soon Bruce is toying with Aidra's nipples beneath her dress while she hikes the miniskirt up to give him full access to her panty-clad twt . Gradually Bruce works his way down until his mouth is level with Aidra's fuck hole. Slipping her panties aside, he uses his fingers to slide her slick juices everywhere before settling in for a pussy feast.

When Bruce comes up for air, Aidra takes advantage and sits up for her turn to put her mouth to work. She pulls out her lover's long cock and wastes no time wrapping her lips around its girth and bobbing her head. Soon she is happily deep throating Bruce's member while cupping his balls, giving him the ultimate oral pleasure.

When Aidra falls backwards onto the chaise it's an invitation that Bruce can't ignore. Following her down, he slams into her weeping fuck hole and starts pounding away. Clearly unable to get enough of her, he pulls Aidra up onto his lap and jerks his hips up so that he impales her again and again while she moans her approval of the rough treatment.

The couple switches things up so that Aidra can climb on top and take full control. Her bottom bounces in full sweeping movements as she pulls out until just the tip of Bruce's cock remains inside and then slaps her ass back down. Then she flips around, lying on top of Bruce in a semi-reclined position where she is free to rub her clit while he pistons his dick in and out of her horny hole.

Rolling onto her back, Aidra spreads her legs and keeps on massaging her clit while Bruce sets a slower pace. Although that position feels good, Aidra quickly decides that doggy style is what she needs to really send her over the edge of passion. She gradually falls back down onto her side, but Bruce never misses a beat as he coaxes a pounding climax from her.

By bringing Aidra her ultimate pleasure Bruce has passed the point of no return for his own explosive climax! As Aidra's body throbs in contentment, she smiles happily at the feeling of her lover's hot cum shooting deep into her pussy to leave her full and totally satisfied.

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