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Eva Lovia, Karlie Montana

Eva Lovia and Karlie Montana step into the bathroom clad only in towels and ready for a good time. They exchange a searing kiss that quickly sees the towels dropping to the floor, leaving both girls nude for their bath and other sensual pursuits.

While the tub is filling, Karlie sits on the edge and Eva enjoys a leisurely time sucking on the redhead's nipples before working her way down Karlie's slender body. When Eva reaches Karlie's landing strip pussy, she eagerly dives in to her lover's juicy muff. It's not hard to see that Eva loves eating her girlfriend out as she works her talented tongue and two stiff fingers in and out of Karlie's snatch.

Karlie can't stop moaning as Eva gives her a pussy fingering that brings her ever closer to climax. Soon her whole body is shaking and pulsing as the force of her pleasure crashes through her, leaving her temporarily satisfied.

Next it's Eva's turn to enjoy some attention and Karlie doesn't fail to deliver. After exploring Eva's slick folds with soft touches, Karlie quickly sets a fast rhythm of clit rubbing that makes Eva catch her breath on a groan of excitement. Soon Eva is so wet that Karlie can easily slide her fingers in, and the redhead doesn't hesitate to step. When Eva parts her legs for Karlie to lick and nibble at her clit, Karlie happily goes to work with her tongue, too.

By the time Eva reaches her orgasm, Karlie is already hot and ready to go again. Eva is all for letting her redhead lover climb up onto the tub and lean over doggy style so that the brunette can have unrestricted access to Karlie's pussy. With long laps of her tongue, Eva skillfully brings Karlie off one last time to bring their lovemaking to a spectacular end.

Finally sated, the girls exchange a kiss before they will slip into the bath together to enjoy the water's warm embrace.

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