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Alexis Crystal, Carla Cox, Naomi Nevena

Carla Cox, Naomi Nevena, and Alexis Crystal are having a fun girl's night in as Alexis and Naomi pose for Carla's camera. The girls use a vibrator as their prop, posing in all kinds of flirty and evocative positions. Then they settle in to do a mock interview, but things quickly turn sensual as Alexis uses the vibrator to stimulate Naomi's landing strip pussy.

Naomi likes the vibrations, especially as Alexis bends to kiss and lick her lover's big areolas. Just watching the two girls go at it, Carla can't keep her clothes on any more. She peels her clothes off, getting naked before going back to filming the delectable action in front of her including some very close and personal shots.

Finally setting aside the camera, Carla takes her turn holding the vibrator to her blonde lover's clitoris. Naomi can't stop moaning as her body gets closer and closer to a climax thanks to the devoted attention of her two lovers. Within just a few minutes, Naomi's pumping hips grow stiff with pleasure as she reaches the pinnacle of her pleasure.

Next Alexis takes her turn in the middle, flanked by two beautiful blondes. Naomi caresses her way down to the brunette's ass, taking advantage of the perfect bald pussy that is exposed nicely by Alexis's kneeling position. While Naomi works her fingers in a hard fast twat pounding, Alexis leans forward to massage and lick Carla's twat.

The vibrator makes a second appearance as Naomi turns it on and applies it to Alexis's cum craving snatch. She's already on edge from the sheer eroticism of the threesome, and the feeling of the pulsing vibrations immediately starts sending her skyrocketing towards her climax. Naomi gets nearly instant gratification as Alexis's hips twitch and her orgasmic cries fill the room.

Now Alexis can give all her attention to making sure that Carla gets a climax, too. While Alexis buries her face in her woman's landing strip snatch, Naomi does the same to Alexis as she eagerly laps up the pussy juices from her lover's recent orgasm.

When Alexis slides a finger deep into Carla's twat, Naomi gives the brunette the same treatment, mirroring every delectable move until Alexis reaches for the vibrator to bring Carla to the same heights of pleasure that the other two girls have experienced.

The Magic Wand vibrator quickly works its magic, leaving Carla moaning and gasping for more as her orgasm draws near. When the wave of pulsing ecstasy crashes through her, her whole body bucks and squirms with the pleasure of it, which is just the result her lovers were hoping for.

Finally sated with their lovemaking complete, the girls indulge in full-body caresses and kisses as they bask in the afterglow of their fun filled afternoon.

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