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Super-cute Anita is ready to spend some time enjoying a slow exploration of her sensual curvy body. She starts by slipping out of her shirt, bringing her hands up to her full breasts to enjoy their fullness and dig her fingers into the soft flesh in a hard deep massage. Her nipples harden into stiff peaks as she tweaks and pinches the little nubs.

Sliding her hands down her flat belly to rest between her parted thighs, Anita slips first one then the other and beneath the sheer material of her thong to rub down her sensitive shaved pussy. Peeling her thong off down her long slim legs, Anita finally exposes her entire sexy body to her wandering hands.

When a sweep of her fingers down the length of her slit reveals that she is creamy and wet, Anita wastes no time in driving two fingers deep into her tight wet hole. Her wrist flicks quickly as she rolls to her stomach and the thrust of her fingers grows faster. Panting moans begin to fill the room when she uses her free hand to work her tender clit.

Returning to her original position on her back, the brunette focuses her attention exclusively to the ultra-sensitive nub of her clitoris. She works her body hard and fast, building the exquisite pressure until her climax explodes through her and then enjoying the aftershocks of pleasure as she drifts slowly back down to earth.

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