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Karina White, Michael Vegas

Dressed in sultry white lingerie with her long brown hair flowing around her shoulders, Karina White slides her fingertips across her soft skin as she waits for her man to join her in the living room. When Michael Vegas arrives, Karina greets him by slipping out of her top and leaning forward to accept his kiss.

Kissing his way down Karina's neck, Michael lies back on the sofa and smiles as Karina removes his hard dick from his boxer shorts and licks it like a succulent treat as she slowly pumps him with her hand.

Karina's enthusiasm is rewarded when Michael presses her backwards and slides her skimpy thong down her long legs before leaning in to suckle her juicy clitoris with his talented mouth. Long licks up and down her juicy slit soon have Karina moaning with desire and begging for more.

Climbing to her hands and knees, Karina presents her man with her slender toned ass. Michael accepts her invitation, pressing his long dick into Karina's moist warm hole and pushing in and out as Karina swiftly reaches the pinnacle of her pleasure.

With a kiss, Michael urges Karina onto her back so he can reenter her and work towards his own climax. Karina welcomes him back into her tight pussy until he reaches the edge of ecstasy. Pulling out, he pumps himself to completion all over her round breasts before leaning forward to seal their lovemaking with a deep kiss.

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