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August 28, 2012 - April 19, 2019
Jack Escobar 0 9.6 Aug 9, 2018

Jack Escobar is a macho man with well-defined muscles and a practically inborn urge to treat women like they walk on water. Worshiping his lovers with his fingers and mouth before he ever gets around to doing something that might give himself pleasure is second nature to Jack, so enjoy the way he plays his lady loves like the finest of musical instruments.

Jada Stevens 0 9.5 Aug 31, 2014

Tanned beautiful Jada Stevens is a sex goddess whose sun-kissed body is always ready for a good time! This voracious American hottie can't wait to suck a big cock and take a hard pussy pounding between her legs as she chases one climax after another that rock her perfect-ten body.

Jade Nile 0 9.4 Jan 4, 2015

Bouncing tits and a well-trimmed landing strip pussy are the hallmarks of Jade Nile, a horny American who makes sure that she cums first! This cute coed may come off as a total princess, but in reality she's desperately horny and willing to do whatever it takes to bring herself pleasure. Check her out as she flirts with her lovers and then gets frisky.

Jake Adams 0 9.5 Mar 1, 2019

Jake Adams is a hot young stud who's finally grown out of his teenage gawkiness to become a handsome man that all the ladies want to love on. He's enjoying the attention as he fucks his way through all of his admirers. Watch him enjoy every moment of practice on his personal quest to become the best lover out there.

Jake Johnson 0 9.6 Dec 24, 2012

Tall and gangly, Jake Johnson makes up for his awkward appearance with pure passion and a dedication to pleasing his partner. He's got a long cock that is always up for the task of driving deep into a wet pussy. Once the ladies have enjoyed his charms, they'll want to keep coming back for more.

Jake Taylor 0 8.9 Sep 5, 2013

College frat boy Jake Taylor is always looking for his next chance to attract a lovely lady. He puts a lot of effort into his appearance, from his hair to his well-manscaped nether region. His lovers appreciate his good looks, but even more they appreciate his long cock and the way he is happy to prove that he knows just how to use it.

Janice Griffith 5 9.6 Feb 4, 2014

Janice Griffith is a fresh-faced newcomer that is taking the adult world by storm. Don't miss this dark-haired beauty as she uses her plump lips and her eager hands to give pleasure to her lovers while taking some for herself. You will love her tight little body and her full breasts tipped with milk chocolate nipples!

Jani D 0 9.3 Feb 21, 2013

A mop of curls is the first thing you will notice about Jani D. He's a total stud from head to toe, as evidenced by his lean muscles and the way he is happy to use his big hands to massage and caress a lover's body. Using long, smooth strokes of his hardon to please his girlfriends, he brings them off again and again before finally enjoying his own cumshot.

Jaslene Jade 1 8.8 Dec 21, 2012

Sultry Jaslene Jade has an innocence about her, making her not only adorable but also surprisingly sensual. With her brown hair and tall stature accented by her proud perky breasts and her curvaceous derriere, she radiates youthful sexual energy.

Jasmina 1 8.1 May 14, 2013

Jasmina is a blonde Czech beauty with a pair of big boobs that she loves to show off! Inked flowers lead the way down Jasmina's long slender body, drawing the eye to her luscious shaved pussy. She is a total babe who loves sex, but when the cameras aren't rolling she is a total sweetheart that we loved to have on set!

Jasmine Grey 0 9.3 Dec 25, 2018

You've never seen a hot little thing quite so small and petite as Jasmine Grey, so settle in for a real treat. She's fit, fuckable, and oh so into having her tight little pussy pounded with fingers, toys, anything that gets her breath coming faster. It's easy to smile when you spot this horny cutie. She's bubbly, fun, and always eager to get down.

Jason X 0 9.5 Jun 2, 2014

Jason X. gives off the consummate tough-guy aura with his bulging muscles, but deep down this perfect male specimen is something of a creampuff. He's all about making sure his lady loves have the pleasure that they crave before he will even think of letting loose with a big cum shot from his hard dick.

Jassie Gold 2 9.5 Jun 26, 2014

Jassie Gold is a Russian newcomer to the adult scene who isn't afraid to use her perky tits and perfect-10 body to get everything she wants. This luscious creature was tons of fun before we started filming, but once the cameras rolled she transformed into a sexual nymph whose only goal was to give her juicy bald pussy as many orgasms as possible.

Jayden Taylors 0 9.5 Nov 24, 2013

Jayden Talyors is a brunette sweetheart whose supple body is incredible to behold. You'll love her big smiles as she takes pleasure from having her small boobs and bald snatch played with. Most of all, though, you will love watching Jayden's amazing flexibility as she shows off all kinds of raunchy sex positions!

Jay Dee 0 9.6 Nov 20, 2014

From the bulk of his muscles, it is obvious that Jay Dee never misses a day in the gym. This built chick magnet is as horny as he is strong, and what he lacks for conversation skills he makes up in his delivery of pure sensual pleasure. Girls everywhere would kill to let this well-built hottie take them to another plane of ecstasy.

Jenna J Ross 2 9.4 Nov 5, 2012

Jenna J Ross is a fiery sexual seductress. With her raven dark hair and fantastic body, she could excite anyone. Her voluptuous breasts and curvy derriere make her fun to watch. She brought great energy to the set and was more than willing to accommodate anything we asked, which produced scenes that we know will steam up your screen.

Jenna Sativa 2 9.6 Nov 18, 2015

Can you imagine a girl more perfect than Jenna Sativa? With her voluptuous figure that includes bouncing full breasts and a delicious indent of hip that leads the eye to her tight butt, this hot American is absolutely scrumptious. Many of our staff found her irresistible while we were filming, especially since she had no problems flirting and flaunting herself for them even after the cameras stopped rolling!

Jennifer White 0 9.2 Sep 16, 2015

Jennifer White is just the kind of horny coed you've been waiting for! This total sweetie just loves being an adult star, and she'll do whatever it takes to keep you rock hard and wanting more. You're going to love her jutting nipples as they become rock hard, and her belly button ring is just a tease that leads your eye down to her slick bald pussy.

Jenny Delugo 0 9 May 14, 2013

Jenny DeLugo is a tanned toned sex goddess with long brown hair and a sensual mien that she cannot hide. Her ample breasts are tipped with sensitive dusky nipples that she loves to tease and tweak. Lower on her sensual body, Jenny's tiny waist and flared hips lead the way to her delectable shaved pussy.

Jenny Simons 0 8.5 Nov 14, 2013

Jenny Simons is a lovely Russian blonde with a huge appetite for sex that you will love! She can't stop smiling whenever she gets the chance to run her hands all over her tight slim body and her delectable shaved pussy. We loved having Jenny on the set, she was a total sweetheart whose passion made her tons of fun and incredibly hot to watch.

Jessa Rhodes 0 9.2 Jan 23, 2013

Beautiful blonde hair is the first thing you will notice about Jessa Rhodes, but this lovely lady has many stunning attributes. Her perky breasts are a perfect handful tipped with hard little nipples, and her slender body has some killer curves that will make you wish you could run your hands all over. She was a sweetheart to work with on set, and the camera absolutely loves her.

Jessica Swan 1 8.5 Mar 10, 2014

Raven haired hottie Jessica Swan is the consummate nubile! Endowed with full tits and a perfectly proportioned spinner body, this petite coed can't get enough sex. We loved working with Jessica who was willing to do anything to get herself and her lovers off, and we know that you will love watching her even more!

Jessie Rogers 2 9.1 Aug 28, 2012

Brazilian belle Jessie Rogers is blessed with a beautiful body. Her tanned skin and flowing blonde hair along with the sweet curves of her body make her a work of art. Don't let her innocent face fool you, though; Jessie craves pleasure and will do whatever it takes to achieve it.

Jessie Volt 4 9.4 Aug 16, 2014

Sweet and sassy Jessie Volt is a blonde who wears her sexuality like a badge of pride. You won't want to miss any of this sultry hottie's best assets, like her bouncing boobs that are the perfect handful or her incredible ass that's made to be squeezed and shaped. Jessie was incredible to have on set and we know you will enjoy watching her in action!

Jessi Palmer 2 8.6 Aug 29, 2012

Auburn-haired beauty Jessi Palmer has an undeniable charisma. Petite with delectable small breasts and an ample bottom, Jessi is always ready to go. Her expressive orgasms are an incredible sight!

Jessy Jones 0 9.6 Oct 16, 2015

Stud muffin Jessy Jones has it all. From his six pack abs to his pussy pleasing big dick, he's practically built to please a woman's every sense. He'll pleasure any girl who comes his way, letting them suck him off and then pounding away at their pussies as he plays stud until they are fully satisfied.

Jia Lissa 0 9.6 Feb 5, 2019

Windblown redhead Jia Lissa can't wait to have your eyes on her. This hot exhibitionist is always looking for a new excuse to put herself on display. Whether it's revealing, easy-access clothes or simply strutting around nude when she has the least provocation, Jia will constantly flaunt her tiny titties and her supple slim body any time, any place.

Jillian Janson 1 9.5 Feb 9, 2015

Jillian Janson is a rare treat, with windblown blonde hair and a voluptuous body that has curves in all the right places. We really enjoyed bringing her onto the set, especially once her clothes started coming off to reveal such a luscious figure and a perfect landing strip pussy that drives her partners wild with passion!

Jill Kassidy 1 9.7 Feb 21, 2017

Lush American beauty Jill Kassidy may be young, but she knows just how to get everything she wants. This cock craving cutie will blow your mind with her tiny nipples and perfectly proportioned figure. Her big booty is one of her best assets, and she flaunts it freely if it means getting her cum hungry fuck hole filled with a big cock.

Jimena Lago 2 9.4 Jan 5, 2018

Stunning Spanish hottie Jimena Lago likes it slow and deep, as you're sure to learn quickly. She's incredible to behold as she struts her stuff, swinging her hips and making it clear that she's happy to be seduced. If you're lucky enough to get this little fireball into bed, she'll make it a night of passion to remember for all eternity!

Johnny Black 0 9.4 Sep 20, 2012

Looking like a centerfold out of a Playgirl magazine, Johnny Black has it all. His muscles are big without overwhelming a girl, and he knows how to use them as he lifts his lovers like they're weightless. He'll take his partners on an erotic journey starting with the rasp of his five o'clock shadow as his soft lips do their work, and ending with the delicious push of his big stiffie into a creamy twat.

Johnny Castle 0 8.2 Feb 25, 2013

A perfect male specimen with plenty of muscles for a lady to enjoy, Johnny Castle is the go-to fantasy for girls everywhere. He's hard as a rock in all the right places, especially his long stiffie that is always up for a good fuck any time, any place.

Johny 0 8.5 May 10, 2013

There's nothing that Johny won't do when it comes to giving the ultimate pleasure to his lovers. He's a master of massage anywhere his fingers touch a woman's body. When he's done using his hands, he keeps up the good sex with his clever tongue and a hard cock that delivers the cum shot of his girlfriends' dreams.

Joleyn Burst 3 9.2 Aug 5, 2015

Joleyn Burst is a blonde beauty that will keep you hard and wanting more! This lusty coed is always up to the challenge of bringing pleasure to those around her. Whether she accomplishes that through her peppy, friendly demeanor or by stripping out of her clothes and using her tight little body to induce orgasmic joy, this ray of sunshine does whatever it takes to leave a wake of smiles in her path.

Jorge 0 8.4 May 1, 2017

A gem of a man, Jorge is always ready for the most sensual sort of action. He may not be boyfriend material, but what he lacks in the area of commitment he makes up for in his lovemaking prowess. He’s always up for a good time, especially when it means that he gets his cock sucked and stroked before he sinks into soft and willing female flesh.

Josh Finley 0 9.7 Dec 4, 2018

Josh Finly is a trim young man who spends most of his free time in the gym working out to keep his whipcord muscles nice and firm. He's got the body of a runner, but don't let his lack of bulk make you underestimate his strength. Women are putty in Josh's strong hands as he puts his big dick to work for their pleasure.

Jovan Jordan 0 9.6 Feb 12, 2015

Juan Lucho 0 9.6 Feb 10, 2016

Juan Lucho is a rugged giant of a man whose preference for petite girls makes him seem larger than life. This lusty ladies’ man is delighted to charm the sweetest cute thing in the room into his bed, where he will use his long fingers and soft lips to warm them up. Consummating an attraction with his hard stiffie is his number one goal, one that he achieves much more often than not.

Judy Joli 1 9.7 Aug 9, 2018

Judy Joli is a newcomer to the adult world who's bringing all kinds of excitement to the table. Whether it's a new toy, a new position, or some naughty lingerie, this hot little teen is always open to trying something new. You will enjoy her air of innocence and the true delight with which she approaches every experience that she thinks might be pleasurable.

Julia Roca 2 9.5 Jun 30, 2016

Cute and spunky with an eternal desire for pleasure, Julia Roca will whet your appetite for a good time. Her cute butt is the real highlight of her curvaceous body, with the perfect amount of jiggle that any lover can dig their fingertips into. You'll love to watch this delightful coed as her moans of pleasure grow louder and more urgent in anticipation of a big climax.

Justin Hunt 0 9.4 Mar 25, 2019

When a lady wants satisfaction, Justin Hunt is at the top of the list of names to call. He's got a bit of a baby face going on, but don't be fooled. Beneath his clothes is the body of a well-packed man who loves to fuck and knows how to use his big dick to its fullest potential.

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