New 'Like' Feature Posted - October 9, 2012 1 Comment

We have implemented a new 'Like' feature on the site today. Everybody now has two default favorites folders: 'Video Likes' and 'Photo Likes'.

Now when you hit the 'Like this Video' it will automatically be added to your 'Video Likes' favorite folder. Of course, you can still create your own favorites folders as well.

Don't worry, these folders are not connected to Facebook! It's simply another way to keep track of your favorite content on Nubile Films. Again, it's not attached to Facebook in any way and it won't post to your wall or anything like that! Your favorites are totally secure.

Favorite folders including the new 'Video Likes' folder can be accessed in the 'My Profile' area of the site.

To see all of your favorites folders or to create new ones, go to:

My Profile >> Favorites >> My Videos, My Pictures, My Models