A Secret Rendezvous, Monday 5/22 Posted - May 19, 2017 1 Comment

There's something tantalizing about keeping a relationship secret and then enjoying the frantic sex whenever you can snag some time alone. You'll enjoy that illicit feeling in A Secret Rendezvous, our next upcoming film.

Tight coed Katy Rose is all decked out in evening wear and lingerie that her lover can't wait to peel off of her slim body. This is one passionate hardcore encounter, but the part that stands out the most to me is the way Katy rides her man with both frantic thrusts and long slow strokes that are more of a grinding of her hips.

Don't miss A Secret Rendezvous when it is released on Monday, May 22. Katy is spectacular in this one, and the hint of naughtiness really pumps up the sexy factor to an 11.