Cumming Together, Sunday 4/10 Posted - April 7, 2016 No Comments

When two lust-crazed girlfriends spend an afternoon together, it is inevitable that they will come together to enjoy their explosive chemistry. In Cumming Together, you get to peek in on one such love affair.

Elle Alexandra and Chloe Amour have a spark between them that leaves them unable to quench their need for each other. I could watch them eat each other's creamy bald pussies out forever. I think my favorite part of this one, though, is watching the girls scissor together with Chloe on her shoulders with her legs in the air and Elle straddling her lover from above. It's creative and hot!

We will release Cumming Together on Sunday, April 10. Elle and Chloe are each well-loved in their own right, and together they are absolutely incredible to behold. Don't miss it!