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Oct 25, 2017 44 7

Anita, Azazai, Loren Minardi

While Loren Minardi sunbathes, her girlfriends Anita and Azazai meet up for bikini kisses. Their hands roam each other's bodies, putting on quite a show for Loren. As Loren strokes her own tits and twat through her bikini, Anita and Azazai peel off each other's swimsuits. Making their way over to where Loren is sitting, Anita and Azazai let their hands roam all over Loren's tight body. Taking Loren by the hand, Anita guides both her and Azazai inside.

The trio settles themselves on the couch, with Anita in between Loren and Azazai. Her two lovers take their time sucking her tits and stroking her body to warm her up. It's not long before Loren has her hands on Anita's bare twat to spread her pussy juices everywhere. When Loren urges Anita up onto her hands and knees, Azazai takes the opportunity to lay down with her legs spread wide. Without needing to be told what to do, Anita buries her face in her girlfriend's twat so that she is the middle of a lesbian sandwich.

As both darker-haired girls let their tongues work overtime, a chorus of soft moans fills the room. Azazai can't keep her hands from her perky tits and hard nipples, doubling down on her own pleasure as she races Anita to be the first to cum.

Switching things up, Anita and Azazai turn the tables on Loren, who is perched on top of the couch. Their position beneath Loren's snatch leaves plenty of room for both girls to tease, although it is Azazai who takes the lead on lapping up Loren's sweet musk. Meanwhile, Anita uses her clever fingers to slide in and out and up and down as she continues to tease Azazai's tender slit.

As soon as Loren has enjoyed a delightful climax, she and Azazai turn their attention back to Anita. The lusty brunette is happy to spread her thighs as wide as they will go, opening her creamy fuck hole to the loving attention of both her girlfriends. With Azazai using her fingers and Loren rocking her tongue, the duo works together to bring Anita to a climax that shakes her whole slender body.

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