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May 7, 2017 154 5

Blue Angel, Jason X, Mindy

Jason X waits impatiently with a glass of whiskey for Blue Angel and Mindy to be ready for their date. When the girls finally arrive, Jason lifts up each of their miniskirts to play with their thongs. The girls are all smiles as they get their asses caressed, especially as the trio starts to exchange kisses and Blue and Mindy take turns rubbing Jason's hard dick.

Taking things inside, Blue and Mindy take the time to put on a bit of a show for their boyfriend. They exchange loving kisses as they undress each other. As each inch of skin is revealed, they make sure to explore with their eager hands and soft tongues in an erotic display. Knowing that Jason is watching as they play together leaves Mindy and Blue even more tantalized. When the girls are down to just their thongs, they finally invite Jason to play with them. A smart man, Jason isn't about to say no. He lets his two fillies undress him, and then stands and enjoys every touch as they take turns wrapping their soft lips around his stiffie. The double blowjob is the perfect foreplay, especially as the two cock craving coeds get warmed up enough to get into a groove that lets them deep throat. Switching things up, the trio puts Mindy in the middle as Jason and Blue work her body with their tongues. Blue finds herself in charge of dropping licks and kisses all over Mindy's thighs, while Jason proves his tongue in and out of Mindy's fuck hole. When Blue seats her landing strip snatch over Mindy's face, Jason takes that as a sign that it's time for him to bring Mindy to the brink of climax with his hand and then slide deep into her dripping puss. It's Blue's turn to be in the middle next as the trio shifts around to make sure that everyone has the best of times. Getting on her hands and knees, Blue whimpers in happiness as Jason takes her from behind. Her moans of excitement are muffled when she buries her face in Mindy's soft mound to sip at her juice sand work magic with her tongue. The only thing better for either girl would be to go for a ride on their own personal stud. Jason is pleased to play the part, and soon he finds himself on his back with Mindy straddling his hardon and Blue straddling his face. The girls both know what they want and they'll stop at nothing until they've finally been satisfied. Only then do they climb off and go back to using their hands and mouths to bring Jason the ultimate pleasure and the end of their threesome.

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