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Nov 21, 2016 172 9

Damon Dice, Megan Rain

Megan Rain is always horny as hell when she wakes up in the morning, a fact that Damon Dice is happy to help her take care of. She pulls out all the stops urging him to undress from his work clothes and rejoin her in bed, from writhing in her bra and thong to playing with her tits over the sheer fabric. Damon soon finds himself face deep in her bare fuck hole, greedily licking and fingering her to the first of what will be many climaxes.

Taking charge of what comes next, Megan urges Damon onto the bed so that she can work him out of his clothes. He lets her have his way with him, which turns out to be very fortunate for him since it earns him a lusty blowjob and ball sucking. He even has the chance to enjoy watching Megan rub him off with her tits as she caresses his stiffie with her rock hard nips and her soft hand at the same time.

Keeping control of the situation, Megan straddles Damon and then guides his dick so that he slides deep into her needy snatch. Her hum of pleasure is unmistakable as she takes a few slow strokes to enjoy the feel of him inside of her. Once she gets started, though, this wild coed won't stop her stiffie ride until she has had a delightful pussy pounding in that position. Between Megan's effort and Damon's she gets her wish to be fucked hard!

Climbing up Damon's body until her pussy is planted on his face for another round of feasting, Megan takes a moment to enjoy the softness of his tongue lapping at her bald slit. When she turns around and starts fingering her own puss, Damon knows better than to stop the magic he's making with his tongue. Instead, he reaches around her hips to grip her ass so that he can give her a full throttle ride.

Getting on her hands and knees, Megan demands Damon's dick back inside of her. She takes every inch of his hardon and even moves her own bottom to set the pace she needs for the ultimate pleasure. Damon lets her do the work for a while, but once Megan raises one leg high in the air he puts himself back in charge of both of their pleasure and starts thrusting as hard as she needs.

After another deep pussy fingering, Damon backs Megan onto the pillows so that she can accept a final round of loving. He takes a short detour to cover one of her feet with licks, kisses, and nibbles, and then sets himself once again to bringing her to the pinnacle of pleasure. This time he holds nothing back in their fucking, even after Megan turns onto her side so that they can spoon together.

This final effort is just what Megan needs to reach the climax she craves, as she lets Megan know with the song of her moans. Damon is right behind his lover. He pulls out at the very last second, taking aim so that he can cover Megan's belly in the final evidence of his love.

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