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Aug 22, 2013 101 3
Featuring Claire Dain, Eileen
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Claire Dain is enjoying a nap on the couch when her lover Eileen decides to wake her up in a sensual way. Light touches skimming across her lover's back turn into languorous kisses. Eileen relieves Claire of her bra and drops to her knees to knead and suckle at her woman's small breasts and tight nipples. Eileen's bra comes off next so that Claire can take her turn pleasuring her lover's breasts with her eager mouth and tongue.

When both girls are wet and eager to take things further, Claire slides down onto her shoulders and knees and parts her legs so that Eileen can give her bald pussy and tight anus a long thorough licking. As Claire gets wetter, Eileen uses her thumbs and fingers to increase her pleasure.

Eileen leans back next, and Claire eagerly licks and nips at her thong-clad twat. She helps her woman slip her panties off and then laps eagerly at the wetness of her juicy slit.

After a few moments, Claire replaces Eileen on the couch and spreads her legs wide so that Eileen can slide two fingers deep into her tight sheath and thrust with fast flicks of her wrist. She knows just how to work her lover towards the edge of orgasm, and then push her over so that Claire climaxes hard around her fingers. The girls exchange a long kiss and then start all over again so that Claire can enjoy her second orgasm of the afternoon.

After another lingering kiss, the lovers change places so that Eileen is laid across Claire's body. As the brunette slides two fingers into her lover's twat, her other hand is free to roam Eileen's breasts and belly. Claire's skilled touches quickly have Eileen moaning as she gets ever-closer to her release until she lets go and cums.

As the girls enjoy the afterglow, they come together in a warm loving embrace and enjoy a final long kiss.

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