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Jan 6, 2013 186 6


Caprice has decided to indulge in a long warm bath, but as she slides nude into the tub this brunette beauty quickly realizes that she has more pleasurable pursuits in mind than a simple soak. Running her fingers down the column of her neck and then down between her upturned breasts, Caprice cups her hands beneath her wet tits and slowly pinches one taut nipple.

As much fun as touching herself in the bathtub is, Caprice needs more room to spread out. She climbs to the edge of the tub and sits with her back against the wall and the warm water dripping down the length of her long lean body. Her hand slides down her slippery flat belly to settle between her long legs over her landing strip pussy.

As she works the sensitive nub of her clitoris, Caprice uses her other hand to massage her tender breasts. As she grows even hornier, she presses two fingers deep into her slick hole and pumps them in and out while she continues to fondle her clit.

Rising to her feet, Caprice first faces the wall and presses her heated body against the cool tile as she touches her mound. She quickly turns around to give her back the same cooling touch of the tile as she goes back to work on her needy love button.

With knowing urgent touches, she brings herself to the brink of climax and then flies over that edge. Her body convulses with her orgasm until she needs to use the faucet to hold herself up.

Sated, Caprice sinks back into the bathwater to enjoy the rest of her soak in the tub.

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