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Emotional Response
Jan 2, 2013 160 3
Featuring Gina Devine
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Gina Devine is home alone and ready to take some pleasure in her magnificent body! Her hands wander up her long smooth legs and her fingers trail through her thick hair as she contemplates just how she wishes to pleasure herself. As her wandering touches take her fingers to the edges of her panties, though, she knows that those need to get out of the way.

Rolling onto her back, Gina glides her panties over her legs until they reach her ankles expose her lovely shaved pussy. With her feet still trapped in the tangle of her panties he doesn't waste any time exploring her newly exposed womanly places, cupping her hand over her slick folds and massaging her sensitive clit as her back arches in pleasure.

Eventually, the overwhelming sensation brings Gina to a sitting position. This is even more convenient as she realizes that the glorious touches she has been indulging in aren't enough on their own to bring her to climax. Sliding her other hand down her body and taking a moment to fondle her tender tits on the way down, she eventually rolls onto her hands and knees and then plunges two fingers deep into her weeping hole as she keeps touching her love button.

Her climax is within reach, but Gina isn't quite there yet. Laying back down on the table, she uses one hand to work her horny pussy as hard and fast as her fingers can go while she squeezes her breast with the other hand. There's nothing gentle about the way this lovely girl drives herself towards her inevitable orgasm, and when she reaches her climax it's an incredible sight to behold!

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