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All I Want
Jan 14, 2013 586 16
Featuring Maddy Oreilly
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Maddy O'Reilly has waited in just a sheer bra and panties all day for Marco Rivera to come home, and now that he's here she's intent on seduction.

Dropping to her knees in front of her man, Maddy helps him out of his shirt and pants and then leans forward without breaking eye contact to lick her way up Marco's long erection. Settling in for a long, thorough exploration of her man's cock with her mouth, Maddy alternates between sucking and licking at her man's penis in an amazing blow job.

As Marco nears the end of his endurance, Maddy stands up and slips out of her panties so that she can climb atop her man's erection and sliding him home into her tight wet sheath. She rides him slowly, bending down to kiss him before guiding his hand up to cup her sensitive breasts.

Climbing off of her stud, Maddy takes a moment to re-lubricate her man's cock with her mouth before she mounts him again reverse cowgirl style.

After a few hard thrusts, Maddy switches places with Marco, positioning on herself on her hands and knees with her ass high up in the air as a supplication to her man to take her. Marco pushes himself into Maddy's luscious warmth, but then pulls out and kneels down so that he can eat his woman out from behind.

As Maddy moans and writhes in pleasure from her man's ministrations, Marco once again rises to his feet and takes her doggy style. The action is fast and furious as Marco pounds in and out of Maddy's pussy.

The passion between this couple truly ignites as Marco leans forward while he thrusts to kiss passionately at Maddy's neck and back. Maddy responds instantly, moaning and whimpering at the seduction.

When her orgasm is nearly upon her, Maddy turns over to lie on her back so that she can make eye contact with Marco while he pushes her over that last little cliff. Her climax rocks through her, and she moans and quakes as pleasure overcomes her.

The moment Maddy stops shaking from her pleasure, Marco reaches the end of his endurance and pulls out so that he can cum all over his lover's slender belly. Sated, the lovers come together for one last kiss as they bask in the afterglow of their encounter.

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