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Four Of A Kind
Dec 31, 2012 209 16
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Ashton Haze, Katie Jordin, Presley Hart, and Tasha Reign spend an afternoon together on the deck. After hours of topless sunbathing the girls are feeling warm and mellow, and very close to one another. As the sun sets, their passion ignites.

Ashton slides a hand over Tasha's waist, fondling her bottom while Preston and Katie embrace and kiss on the chaise. Ashton and Tasha exchange a smile and then split up to join their friends on the couch.

Katie draws Tasha's breasts into her mouth, suckling them. At the same time, Preston drops to her knees in front of Ashton and presses her mouth to her woman's wet needy pussy. Soon, all of the girls have focused their attention on making Ashton cum. As soon as they achieve their goal, Ashton gives each of them a long kiss of thanks.

Although the girls all turn their attention to Tasha next while they are all changing position, it is Presley who rises above the group on her knees and draws kisses and touches from two of her companions. While Katie suckles Presley's heavy breasts and Ashton licks and sucks at Presley's shaved pussy, Tasha takes the opportunity to lie back and fondle her own needy twat.

Eventually, Ashton breaks away from Presley and moves over to help Tasha work on her creamy pussy. Soon, the girls all rearrange themselves so that Katie is lying down with her face buried between Tasha's legs, while Ashton is back-to-back with her blonde lover and in a perfect position to make out with Presley.

The position is incredible for Katie, who experiences plenty of stimulation from the press of her lover between her legs. Soon, Katie is rubbing herself up and down against her lover's back as she keeps eating out Tasha.

Tasha massages her own tender clitoris while Katie eats her out, and when Presley and Ashton cup Tasha's breasts and pinch her nipples she is soon on the verge of orgasm. She rises up on the edge of the couch and Katie switches spots with Presley.

On her back now, Presley sinks the fingers of one hand deep into Tasha's pussy while using her other hand to masturbate her own needy clit until they each explode in orgasm.

When all of them are satisfied, the girls pile onto the chaise to enjoy a cuddle as the long twilight turns to night.

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