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Get You Wet
Sep 10, 2012 227 5
Featuring Caprice, Marry Queen
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Showering together is always a sensual experience, one that lovers Marry Queen and Caprice fully embrace. As the water warms, Marry takes the wand and tests the temperature on Caprice's luscious bottom to wet her panties in an intimate caress. Soaked to the skin and incredibly horny, the girls take their time kissing and stripping one another out of their clothes before exiting the shower.

As the passion mounts, Caprice slowly sinks to her knees before Marry's incredible slim body and urges her lover down to sit on a padded stool. Slipping first her hand and then her head between Marry's spread thighs, Caprice seduces her lover with her fingers, tongue, and the searing looks she casts up Marry's body.

As Marry approaches her orgasm, Caprice urges her lover to stand and lean over the counter to press her heated face against the cool wall. Delving into Marry's drenched hole from behind with two fingers, Caprice brings her woman over the edge.

When Marry reaches the pinnacle of her pleasure she is swift to rise and capture Caprice's lips in a passionate kiss that leaves no doubt about her intention to return the sensual favor.

Pressing Caprice against the wall, Marry prepares to rock her lover's world. Marry latches her lips onto Caprice's rigid nipples before kissing her way down to her lover's tender pussy. She urges Caprice to sit on the counter to give her unfettered access to her juicy slit.

Kissing her way up and down Caprice's slim thigh, Marry presses two fingers into her lover's dripping hole. Rubbing against Caprice's g-spot, Marry pumps her fingers in and out as her woman's orgasmic moans fill the air.

As they reach the conclusion of their interlude, sated, they share a kiss that hints at future impassioned encounters.

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