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The Pillow Fight
Aug 29, 2012 134 10
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The sound of laughter fills the air as Katie Jordin and Faye Regan chase each other around with feather pillows. When they stumble across the enchanting Georgia Jones caressing herself in bed, the pillow fight becomes fun, sensuous foreplay for pleasure to come.

Surrounded by flying feathers, Georgia continues to pleasure herself while Katie covers Faye in open-mouthed kisses and nibbles that drive her redheaded lover wild. Katie works her way down her lover's body while Faye massages her perky boobs and pinches her hard nipples. Soon, Georgia can't stop herself from joining in and helping Katie in her quest to make Faye cum.

Working together, Katie and Georgia cover Faye's body in kisses and light nips while their fingers take turns pleasuring her horny pussy. As Faye reaches the culmination of her pleasure, the two girls who brought her to that pinnacle share a passionate kiss.

While Faye's body still thrums with pleasure, Georgia takes her turn between her two lovers. Faye and Katie take turns fingering and licking at Georgia's pretty pink pussy and nibbling her perky nipples until she can no longer contain her explosive orgasm.

Sated, the two girls turn their attention to Katie and urge her to the center of the bed. Already on edge thanks to her ministrations to the others, Katie is open and eager for Faye and Georgia's seduction as they repay the tender ministrations Katie so lovingly bestowed upon them.

As Katie catches her breath from her climax, she sits up to join Georgia and Faye in a kiss shared between three sated lovers.

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