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Apolonia Lapiedra, Nick Ross

Apolonia Lapiedra waits for Nick Ross in a do-me outfit of a lingerie bra and sheer panties. Her thigh high stockings and high heels complete the getup. When Nick arrives, Apolonia sits him down and starts a seductive striptease. Halfway through she relocates to the couch and beckons Nick over, making it clear with her hands and body language exactly what she wants.

Starting with Apolonia's lips, Nick gradually kisses his way down her slim body. He settles between her thighs, pulling her panties aside to sample the sweetness of her pussy juices. One taste is never enough, so he dives in with plenty of tongue action to feast on her sensual delights.

Turning Apolonia around on her hands and knees, Nick slips her thong off and then goes back to work with his mouth while spreading her ass with his big hands. Apolonia lets him enjoy himself, but she's not about to be left out of the fun. She turns the tables on him, opening her mouth to suck his long stiffie and using her hands to stroke and sooth him.

With both lovers primed and ready, it's easy for Nick to urge Apolonia down onto her hands and knees so that he can enter her from behind. Her landing strip snatch is slick and ready to take every inch of her lover's hardon. It's not long before she is rocking her hips back and forth in time with his strokes so that they work together to set a delicious hardcore pace.

Falling onto her side, Apolonia cuddles back as Nick curls up behind her and slides back into her juicy fuck hole. This position gives Nick plenty of real estate to explore with his hands and he takes advantage. Apolonia's perky tits enjoy his attention first, followed by her greedy clit. When she climbs onto Nick's lap and slides down on his fuck stick to ride him long and hard, that's all she needs to get off in a big climax.

With her body still humming, Apolonia knees and puts her hands and mouth back to work. She sucks like a Hoover, stroking Nick's stiffie until he explodes in her mouth. Only then does she slow down, lapping at his cock with a satisfied smile of delight.

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