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Adria Rae, Damon Dice

Sweet sexy Adria Rae is looking hot in a tight dress with a very short miniskirt and high heels that make her legs seem a mile long. Damon Dice is taking his time in the shower, though, which leaves Adria irritated and horny. Deciding to pass the time in the best way possible, she peels off her dress and heels, and then climbs onto the bed in her bra and thong to wait as her horniness grows. Soon she is fondling her small boobs through the fabric and toying with her thong in anticipation.

Damon isn't shy about taking Adria up on her blatant invitation. Slipping his hand beneath her thong to pull the thin fabric aside, he flicks out his tongue to sample the sweetness of Adria's pussy juices. Liking what he finds, he slips the thong off entirely so that he can dive in with both fingers and mouth.

Adria can't wait to return the favor of oral sex once Damon has taken a break! Urging him back onto the bed, she takes his stiffie in hand and strokes as she bobs her head up and down in ever increasing strokes. Working her way down incrementally, Adria doesn't stop until she is deep throating Damon's dick.

Rising up so that she can straddle Damon's hips, Adria positions herself so that she can rub her guy's hardon up and down her juicy slit to fully lube him up before sinking down on him. He fits perfectly as she takes him balls deep into her tight twat. Flexing her hips, she kicks off a ride that is hard enough to bounce her breasts as she urges Damon to fulfill her every need.

When Adria gets on her hands and knees and lifts her rump to Damon, he knows just what she's after. He thrusts into her from behind, taking a few slow strokes. Then he lets loose, delivering a proper pussy pounding that is everything Adria craves. It's not long before she is moaning her sheer sexual bliss as Damon brings her off in a hard climax.

Flipping Adria onto her back, Damon slams back into her creamy snatch. His powerful strokes leave the hot brunette panting as she gets closer. Pulling out at the last moment, Damon covers Adria with a cumshot that leaves her dripping from tits to twat. He knows that Adria has one more climax left in her, so dropping his head he works his tongue over her clit to bring her over the edge of pure passion one last time.

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