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Jill Kassidy, Ryan Driller

Wearing just a t-shirt and a thong, Jill Kassidy lays in bed reading a book. Ryan Driller just can't resist the urge to massage Jill's feet and to then kiss his way up her body to her firm ass, where he uses his hands, lips, and tongue to divert Jill's attention from reading. It's not long before he has slid her thong down her legs, freeing her creamy bare twat for a good time.

Getting up on her hands and knees, Jill welcomes Ryan's attention with soft moans and thrusting hips. Her hanging boobs welcome her touch as Ryan works her twat with his magical mouth, creating a lusty, lovely picture. When Ryan continues kissing his way up Jill's body, she rises onto her knees and presses against him in a blatant invitation.

Pulling off his briefs, Ryan wastes no time in sinking his stiffie deep into Jill's slick snatch. Jill reaches around to help guide Ryan to just the right spot and to demonstrate the pace she wants. As soon as she's sure he's got it, she leans forward for a true doggy style pussy pounding. Rising up onto her knees, Jill lets Ryan finish undressing her as he continues to go to town on her twat. This new position is deep and fulfilling, and just what Jill needs to edge closer to cumming.

Readjusting themselves, the couple changes things up by arranging themselves in a 69 where Ryan is on the bottom with Jill laying on top so that she can suck him off while he eats her out. The mutual oral sex is titillating, leaving both of them edgy and needy for something more. Jill knows just the thing; climbing on top of Ryan, she sinks down onto his hardon and starts working her hips in a bewitching rhythm.

As they each feel their climax closing in on them, they move to a soft and slow position that lets them maintain loving eye contact. Jill can't stop her soft moans of excitement as Ryan finally brings her off. In return, she rewards him by putting her mouth back to work sucking him off with a deep throat BJ until he's right on the edge. Only then does she aim his stffie to deliver a facial of cum.

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