Bedroom Buddies
Sep 16, 2016 0
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Each rocking a black bra and sheer black underwear, Sydney Cole and Gia Paige come together tit to tit and exchange a gentle caress before they walk together to join Preston Parker on the bed. Moving as one, the girls slide their hands over Preston's member to feel its hardness, and then kiss before getting to work. They pull his cock out and then work together, each of them taking turns guzzling Preston's dick as they give him a tandem blowjob that includes plenty of deep throat action.

Once he has enjoyed being serviced by his two lovely fillies, Preston helps Sydney out of her panties. Pulling her around so that her bottom is right in his face, Preston reaches up to feast upon her creamy fuck hole. Meanwhile, Gia takes the initiative to peel off her own thong and then climb aboard her boyfriend's fuck stick. Once she's fully impaled, she wastes no time going for a stiffie ride that fills her with excitement.

Although Sydney loves the feel of Preston's mouth on her lusty cooch, she isn't about to let Gia have all of Preston's fuck stick! She and Gia swap places, with Gia taking her turn sitting on Preston's face so that he can work her greedy snatch with his lips and tongue while Sydney mounts him in reverse cowgirl style. Like her girlfriend before her, Sydeny sets off at a breakneck pace that won't stop for anything until she is whimpering with tantalizing sexual need.

Switching things up, Preston climbs off of the bed and lets Gia replace him. Pulling Gia to the edge of the bed, Preston sinks balls deep into her welcoming sheath and starts pounding away. Meanwhile, Sydney keeps Gia's mouth busy by positioning her lusty puss in the ultimate licking position.

Getting down on her hands and knees, Sydney lifts her rump so that Preston has the perfect angle to take her from behind. Not to be outdone, Gia climbs on top of Sydney so that she creates a perfect pussy double stack. With such an embarrassment of riches to choose from, Preston is free to go to town on each delectable fuck hole until he has brought both girls all the pleasure they can handle. When he has reached the end of his endurance, he pulls out and showers his tower of twat with a cum shower that leaves them both hot and sticky.

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