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Kristof Cale, Nathaly

Posing for the camera is total foreplay for Nathaly. Decked out in a bra, panties, and sheer thigh highs, she lets Kristof Cale take all of the pictures she wants as her hands roam her breasts and twat. By the time Kristof has had enough, Nathaly is totally turned on and ready to play!

Pulling Kristof's cock out of his jeans, Nathaly positions herself on her hands and knees in preparation for a lusty dick sucking. She goes hands free as soon as she has gotten a good mouthful of her lover's fuck stick, bobbing her whole body up and down to give him plenty of warm wet friction. When Nathaly does eventually get her hands in on the action, it is to stroke the remaining length of Kristof's long shaft that she can't get into her mouth even while deep throating.

Rolling Nathaly onto her back, Kristof pulls her panties off and then drops to his belly so that he can bury his face in her landing strip twat. Finding her creamy and wet, he laps at her juices while giving her a two-digit pussy fingering. Nathaly's moans of approval fill the room as Kristof continues his ministrations, and then they reach a new crescendo of need when he rises to his feet and slams his cock deep into her warm wetness.

After enjoying a rousing pussy pounding, Nathaly flips Kristof over and mounts him in one fluid movement. Her whole body quivers, especially her generous tits, as she rides her man's dick like her own personal steed. The faster her hips pump, the higher she climbs until she is pulsing with orgasmic bliss.

Getting on her hands and knees, Nathaly offers herself for some doggy style fucking. Nathaly's boobs sway freely as she takes a pussy pounding from behind, Kristof holds nothing back as he slams into Nathaly's hot wetness, burying his dick again and again until his blond lover comes undone in his arms.

Flipping onto her back, Nathaly grabs Kristof's cock and starts working him hard and fast as she drives him towards a climax. Meanwhile, Kristof presses two fingers into Nathaly's creamy fuck hole to keep her wet and willing as she brings him off all over her flat belly to end their afternoon lovemaking.

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