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Kattie Gold, Kristof Cale

Cutie Kattie Gold can't wait to meet up with her man Kristof Cale, so she joins him outside for a quick taste before taking things into the house. Kristof is just as eager as his woman, sliding his hand into her sheer panties to warm her up as his erection grows.

Kattie can feel how hard her man is and she knows just what to do. Dropping to her knees, she pulls out his rock hard cock and admires its length and girth for a moment before wrapping her lips around her treat and commencing a blowjob that melts her man's mind.

Kristof comes back in kind, parting Kattie's soft folds and delving into her slit with his stiff tongue. The redhead moans her approval while caressing her breasts and fondling her diamond hard nipples, and her moans only get louder when her beau slides a finger deep inside as he continues to lick and suckle her clit.

Turning Kattie onto her hands and knees, Kristof continues his pussy feast for a few moments before rising to his feet and sliding his hard cock home deep in her tight twat. The feeling of fullness is exactly what the redhead craves as she pumps her hips backwards to increase the sensation.

The couple switches things up by putting Kattie on top with her back to her man's chest as she sinks down on his hard dick. Kristof can't keep his hands off her bouncing tits as Kattie goes to town riding her beau hard and fast.

Turning around so that she can face Kristof, she leans back and lets her man do the work. The newest angle sends her spiraling over the edge as her orgasm crashes through her slender needy body. Seconds later, Kristof pulls out and spills his seed all over Kattie's waiting belly in the ultimate expression of his love.

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