Here To Play
Nov 17, 2013 0
Featuring Holly Michaels
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Holly Michaels is enjoying some pool practice when the urge to masturbate overcomes her. Since she isn't wearing panties beneath her miniskirt, it's easy for her to spread her legs and rub the pool cue up and down her bald pussy. Her braless breasts are also easily accessed beneath her tight tank top.

Her playful touches quickly get serious as the brunette peels off her clothes and settles on the edge of the pool table to slide her hands between her legs. Her fingers stroke her damp slit and then, finding herself remarkably wet, she turns onto her belly and sinks two fingers deep into her tight fuck hole.

Alternating between rubbing her horny clit and giving herself a good pussy fingering, Holly realizes that single penetration isn't enough to bring her to the edge. She uses her other hand to slide a finger into her puckered anus while the other hand continues to probe the depths of her dripping twat.

The buxom babe slows things down a bit as she returns to her previous seated position and her heated pussy rub. The sensation pooling in her belly is incredible, leaving her soaking wet. Meanwhile, Holly's free hand creeps up to her incredible tits to squeeze and knead the tender globes.

Finally reaching the edge of her endurance, Holly stuffs two fingers deep and finger fucks her slippery snatch over the edge of an incredible orgasm that gets her big boobs jiggling and leaves the sexy sweetie breathless with pleasure.

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