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Gina Gerson, Kattie Gold, Paula

As Kattie Gold naps on a couch, lovers Paula and Gina Gerson enter the room holding hands. They greet their woman with a smile, running their hands down her body. Soon all three girls are slipping each other out of their clothes as they initiate an afternoon of passion and unspeakable pleasure.

Kattie gets the opportunity to be in the center of attention first. Gina works her fingers against Kattie's sensitive clitoris as she and Paula each suckle on one of Kattie's rock hard nipples. When Gina feels how wet her woman is, she can't resist the urge to press two fingers deep into Kattie's tight warm pussy.

Next, Gina lies on her back with her dripping shaved pussy held in the air so that Kattie can press her fingers deep into Gina's wet twat. As the redhead replaces her fingers with her eager tongue, Paula takes her time working Gina's tits and hard little nips.

As Gina's moans grow louder, Kattie grows more and more enthusiastic with her pussy eating. The readhead's smile says it all as she finally accomplishes her goal of bringing Gina to a body-shaking orgasm.

Paula situates herself atop Gina's eager mouth as Kattie helps support the brunette's weight and plays with her full horny tits. Kattie and Paula press their breasts together with enthusiastic bumps as Gina continues her loving pussy licking that soon has Paula's hips thrusting with need for a sexual release. With the devoted attention of her two lovers, the brunette is quickly consumed by orgasmic bliss.

Kattie returns to the center of attention as she crouches on the couch so that Paula can work her magic fingers on the redhead's landing strip pussy. Her twat drips with anticipation, as Paula soon learns when her fingers easily slide into her woman's dripping sheathe and thrust with expert pulses that drive Kattie to a climax that leaves her breathless.

Paula is up for seconds, so she leans forward with her ass held high in the air to expose her delightful pussy for Gina's touches. Things get a little rough as the blonde's enthusiasm prompts her to slap her hand against her woman's twat as she stimulates her lover's needy puss. Then, when Paula is good and wet, Gina drives two fingers hard and fast into the brunette's pulsing pussy and licks her asshole at the same time until she explodes with pleasure.

Satisfied and sated, the trio lays on the couch so that they are all spooning and cuddled close to enjoy an afternoon nap.

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