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Veronica Rodriguez

A sheer black thong and matching bra hug Veronica Rodrguez's lush curves as the slender sweetie caresses her sensitive body. She slips out of her scant clothing, revealing a naked figure that is soft in all the right places and stunning to look at.

Her fingers tease and tweak her tight nipples with expert touches, coaxing a moan of pleasure from Veronica's lips and bringing the buds to hard little peaks. The Latina fireball spends plenty of time working her high full breasts before her attention gradually moves down to the sweetness of her landing strip pussy.

Sinking down to balance on her high heels, Veronica slowly strokes her juicy slit as she works herself higher. When she is nice and wet, she slides a fingertip into her tight twat and flicks her wrist hard and fast while her perfect ass jiggles at the touch.

As her orgasm grows closer, Veronica rolls onto her bottom and spreads her legs so that she can rub her hand all over her needy twat. Within moments her climax rolls through her and her pussy gushes with juices as she moans her ecstasy.

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