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Featuring Kiera Winters
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Lounging on her chaise one lazy afternoon, Kiera Winters runs her fingers lightly across her chest and trails them up and down her body. The small light touches are an erotic foreplay that soon has the slender brunette pulling her top down to properly massage her breasts and pinch her hardened nipples as her body warms to her gentle caresses.

Reaching beneath her skirt, Kiera finds her shaved pussy slippery with desire. She pulls her skirt up and spreads her legs to make it easy for her to slide her fingers up and down her slit in rhythmic strokes that soon have her moaning.

As desire pools deep in her belly, Kiera spends more and more time focused on her tender clitoris and on dipping her fingers into the sweet wetness of her twat. Her strokes grow faster and more frenzied until her entire body convulses with the intensity of her orgasm.

Basking in the afterglow of her climax, Kiera brings her hands back to her full breasts and enjoys a few final squeezes.

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