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Logan Pierce, Presley Hart

A searing kiss between Presley Hart and her man Logan Pierce quickly turns sensual as Presley's man invites her to climb over the back of the couch and join him. As Presley moves to join her guy, Logan takes advantage of the various parts of her body that come within reach of his mouth. He drops kisses on her hanging breasts, and then on her inner thigh and on the slice of heaven between her legs.

When Presley is settled on the couch, she presses her man into a relaxed position so that she can slide his erection out of his boxers. On all fours, Presley eagerly strokes and sucks Logan's dick until he is rock hard and ready.

Turning around on the couch, Presley lifts her perfect ass so that her man can peel her panties down her legs. Moments later, he enters her from behind and begins pumping as Presley moans and writhes beneath him.

The lovers adjust their position so that Presley is seated in Logan's lap, riding him in reverse cowgirl style as his eager hands roam her soft body. Another shift leaves Presley lying atop her man as they enjoy the intimacy of the inverted missionary position. The intense friction soon drives Presley over the edge of ecstasy.

Moments later, Logan reaches the end of his endurance as well. He pulls out of Presley's warmth, and with a few quick jerks Presley helps him spill his seed all over his belly. As both lovers bask in the afterglow, Presley crawls up her man's body to enjoy another lingering kiss.

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