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August 28, 2012 - January 22, 2018
Totti Jay 0 9.5 Jun 27, 2013

Totti Jay is a virile hunk of a man who spends an equal amount of time in the gym and charming the ladies. This young buck isn't shy about spreading his charms far and wide. You'll never see him with the same girl twice, but he leaves all his lovers satisfied with his magic fingers, talented tongue, and rock hard dick.

Anita 1 9.5 Jun 26, 2013

Anita is a newcomer to the adult industry that will blow you away with her sweet good looks and her enthusiasm for sex. This short cutie loves to touch her sensitive small breasts and slide fingertips through her shaved slit, but she is at her best when she has a partner to pleasure with her eager mouth and talented fingers.

Whitney 0 9.2 Jun 21, 2013

Whitney is a blonde Czech cutie who will try anything to get herself or her partner off. Her long blonde hair sets off a glowing tan that covers her entire curvaceous body. While Whitney's full perky breasts are delightfully sensitive, she gets the most pleasure from soft gentle touches to her shaved pussy. You will love watching this delightful sweetie when she climaxes!

Candy Sweet 2 9.4 Jun 16, 2013

Candy Sweet is a perfectly proportioned cutie with high small breasts that are tipped with amazingly sensitive puffy nipples. Her long lean body has delicate curves that lead the eye down to her delightful shaved pussy that is always wet and ready for a good time. We all loved working with Candy, who is as sweet as her name implies and always wearing a smile.

Ria Rodrigez 0 9.3 Jun 15, 2013

Ria Rodrigez is an exotically beautiful Czech with a small waist and ripe curves. With innate elegance and grace, Ria is gorgeous to look at and has a wonderful personality that makes her fun to be around. Her full breasts are dark-tipped and sway with every step, but this sweetie's real treasure is her luscious ass.

Van Wylde 0 9.6 Jun 13, 2013

Van Wylde is the type of soulful guy that you would expect to find next door. Beneath his nice-looking surfer boy exterior is a rock hard hunk who knows how to use his body to its fullest potential. Check out this sexy piece of eye candy as he goes out of his way to seduce every girl into a hot and heavy fuck fest.

Tommy 0 8.5 Jun 6, 2013

Tommy has a thing for blondes, and once he commits to seduction he's not one to disappoint. With the toned body of a man who works out regularly, it's easy to see that he commits and then sticks to his guns. No lady can resist the power of Tommy's charms, and once they get a glimpse of his big dick they'll know that they were right to pursue him.

Dido Angel 5 9.6 Jun 6, 2013

Dido Angel is a Czech bombshell with long blonde hair and a come-hither smile that makes her impossible to resist. Her ample breasts are topped by pink little nipples that are always hard and ready to be licked, and her shaved pussy is perpetually wet and eager to be filled. We loved her passion on the set, and you are sure to enjoy watching this slender siren in action!

Alex 0 9.6 May 30, 2013

A loving man who is happy to deliver deep pleasure to his lady friends, Alex is a hunk with a big heart. His muscular arms are made to keep his girlfriends safe and warm, while his long dick is made to drive them wild with the type of bone-deep lovemaking that they have only read about in romance novels.

Matt 0 9.6 May 20, 2013

An athletic young man with rim muscles and big hands, Matt is the type of guy who will seduce a girl with both his good looks and his giving personality. By the time he takes his lovers to bed, they know that they can count on him for plenty of foreplay before the main act where he uses his hard dick for the ultimate ecstasy.

Georgio Black 0 9.6 May 16, 2013

Never one to take more than he is willing to give, Georgio Black is a generous lover with a flair for making sure that his partners come first and often. Once he decides to indulge in sex, he'll put his nicely toned body to work. He holds nothing back, using his fingers, tongue, and hard stiffie to leave his lovers satisfied.

Angelo Godshack 0 9.6 May 16, 2013

A long shaft and tender balls are the guiding forces behind Angelo Godshack's every move. He loves all women, and with his well-honed powers of seduction he tends to get what he wants. Watch him bring his lovers to their knees so they can lap their way up and down his hardon, and then take them to another plane of passion with his big dick.

Alexis Crystal 1 9.6 May 16, 2013

Alexis Crystal is a beautiful blonde with an enormous passion for sex and pleasure. Her voluptuous body is soft and curvy in all the right places, and her skin is satiny soft to the touch. This sensual creature is always eager for a good time. Whenever she is turned on, her pink shaved pussy grows wet and creamy with desire that she can't hide.

Jasmina 0 7.9 May 14, 2013

Jasmina is a blonde Czech beauty with a pair of big boobs that she loves to show off! Inked flowers lead the way down Jasmina's long slender body, drawing the eye to her luscious shaved pussy. She is a total babe who loves sex, but when the cameras aren't rolling she is a total sweetheart that we loved to have on set!

Jenny Delugo 0 9 May 14, 2013

Jenny DeLugo is a tanned toned sex goddess with long brown hair and a sensual mien that she cannot hide. Her ample breasts are tipped with sensitive dusky nipples that she loves to tease and tweak. Lower on her sensual body, Jenny's tiny waist and flared hips lead the way to her delectable shaved pussy.

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