Fingering, Sunday 7/21 Posted - July 19, 2013 No Comments

Do you like our recent trend of bringing back our popular models for additional performances? Personally, I've been totally loving the familiar faces and the hot new content. We'll continue that trend with our upcoming film, Fingering.

Kiera Winters is a hot little brunette who is ready to show you how she loves to get herself off in her solo film. I can't get enough of watching her arch her back as she finally cums after her long slow buildup-totally erotic!

Don't miss Fingering when it is released on Sunday, July 21. This is a sweet and sexy masturbation scene that I'm sure you will enjoy.

Cum Swapping Beauties, Friday 7/19 Posted - July 17, 2013 1 Comment

The gorgeous Blue Angel is always into finding the newest ways that she can get sexually adventurous. In our next film, Cum Swapping Beauties, things get a little bit dirty and wild pretty quickly!

Blue and her lover Ksenija aren’t just content to combine forces and drive their man wild. Instead, they spend almost the entirety of this super-hot movie using their mouths and hands on each other and on their man in a ton of creative positions. The title kind of gives away the ending, too, but trust me when I say that it is incredibly hot!

Cum Swapping Beauties will be released on Friday, July 19. Start your weekend off right with this erotic, passionate threesome!

A Beautiful Sight, Wednesday 7/17 Posted - July 15, 2013 No Comments

I'm happy to introduce the newest addition to the Nubile Films family, Amira Adara. This brunette babe will be making her solo debut in our aptly-named new film, A Beautiful Sight.

Amira is one of those girls whose sensitive pussy is always really wet and ready for sex, as you will see in her first film. She is dripping when her panties come off, and she takes advantage by spreading her juices all over her shaved slit to make sure that everything is slick and lubricated. From there, there's nothing gentle about the way Amira fingers and fucks herself!

Check out A Beautiful Sight when it is released on Wednesday, July 17. I know that our members will fall in love with Amira the way I have!

Sexual Rendezvous, Monday 7/15 Posted - July 11, 2013 No Comments

I hope that summer is treating you as well as it is treating us at Nubile Films! We're continuing with our outdoor summer films for our next feature, Sexual Rendezvous.

The lovely Blue Angel returns to make her man's day with a sizzling outdoor free-for-all. These two get all kinds of creative, trying out many different positions until they settle into doggy-style with Blue gasping and moaning at the hard fast penetration.

Check back on Monday, July 15 to catch Sexual Rendezvous. You know you don't want to miss Blue's newest scene!

All In, Thursday 7/11 Posted - July 9, 2013 No Comments

We've heard your pleas to bring Blue Angel back, and I'm pleased to announce that we've made it happen! Blue is paired up with the gorgeous Anita for an all-new film, All In.

I have to say that my favorite part has to be when Anita curls her little hand and pushes her entire fist deep into Blue's tight wet pussy. That full penetration and the look of utter bliss on Blue's face just gets me every time I watch!

All In will be released on Thursday, July 11. You definitely want to be one of the first to watch this sexy lesbian encounter!

Take It Outside, Tuesday 7/9 Posted - July 7, 2013 No Comments

Sophie Lynx received a warm welcome from her Nubile Films debut, so we thought we’d bring her back again right away for Take It Outside, our next upcoming film.

A woman bent on seduction, Sophie wastes no time in letting her man know her erotic intentions. She delivers an amazing blowjob, using her hands and her lips and her tongue with obvious skill to make sure that her guy is practically cross-eyed with pleasure before they ever start fucking – and it only gets better for them both from there!

Don’t miss Take It Outside when it is released on Tuesday, July 9. This is a great summer movie that I am sure you will enjoy!

Impeccable, Sunday 7/7 Posted - July 5, 2013 No Comments

Get ready for an all-new addition to Nubile Films as we introduce Sophie Lynx in her solo film Impeccable. That’s exactly the right word to describe this super-sweet babe with her well-proportioned body and her ready smile.

Sophie starts off with a little bit of shy teasing, but she quickly settles down as her hands roam her sensitive body and caress her high perky tits. By the time she slides her panties aside and plunges two fingers deep into her tight wet pussy, Sophie has overcome her shyness and transformed into a confident sex goddess!

You can enjoy Impeccable when it is released on Sunday, July 7. Check back to enjoy this sweet and sexy film.

Anal Pleasures, Friday 7/5 Posted - July 3, 2013 No Comments

Do you ever like to fantasize about a long raunchy romp outside with your lover where anything and everything is fair game? Anita and her man get to live out that fantasy in Anal Pleasures, our next movie.

This one has a little bit of everything and I can't stop watching it! Anita is a super-hot petite brunette who is adventurous and clearly loves all the sex she can get. She deep-throats her guy with a smile and lets him try all kinds of acrobatic positions before they settle down together to enjoy a long anal fuck fest.

Definitely check out Anal Pleasures when it comes out on Friday, July 5. It's sure to be an excellent start to your weekend!

Self-love, Wednesday 7/3 Posted - July 1, 2013 No Comments

Anita is a cute little fireball that I just know is going to rock your world. Her debut film, Self-love, is the next on our release schedule, and we've got plenty more of this cute coed coming down the pipeline.

You will see right away how into sex and pleasure Anita is as she peels her top off and spends plenty of time squeezing and pinching her high perky tits. Her perfect pussy is wet and dripping by the time she is done playing with herself, easily taking in her long thrusting fingers as she works herself towards a breathy climax.

Check out Self-love when it is released on Wednesday, July 3, and get ready to fall in love with our newest addition to the Nubile Films lineup!

Proper Pussy Pounding, Thursday 6/27 Posted - June 27, 2013 1 Comment

Ria Rodrigez sure knows how to please her man and she definitely gets off on a hard and frantic fuck, as you will learn in our next upcoming film, Proper Pussy Pounding.

After setting the scene for seduction by dressing herself up to be irresistible to her man, Ria kisses her guy awake from his nap and then gives him what might be the longest and hottest blowjob of his life. Seriously, this girl is magical with her mouth! Ria's man responds the way any red-blooded male would in his situation - he enjoys the BJ and then turns her around and gives her a good hard pussy pounding!

Proper Pussy Pounding will be released on Thursday, June 27. You will enjoy this raunchy yet sensual scene!

Desirable Rouse, Thursday 6/27 Posted - June 25, 2013 No Comments

We set the scene for our upcoming film, Desirable Rouse, when we featured the lovely Candy Sweet in her solo scene Love Notes. Now her man has finally returned and she can satisfy all of the longing and anticipation that has built up during their time apart.

I love the sweet intensity in this one. Candy and her man obviously can't wait to finally have each other, but they take the time to get one another wet and ready with lots of oral sex. Candy even gets to enjoy some hot anal licking as part of her foreplay!

Desirable Rouse will be released on Thursday, June 27. Do not miss this hot reunion between two separated lovers!

Blonde Beauties, Tuesday 6/25 Posted - June 23, 2013 No Comments

Grace Hartley and Jasmina are blonde, beautiful, and sensual girls. We decided to pair them together in Blonde Bombshells, our next film, and the results were stupendous!

My favorite part of this one is actually right at the beginning. Jasmina and Grace are dressed up and looking hot when Grace comes up behind her lover and starts kissing and caressing. When Grace pulls down the top of Jasmina's dress and starts really caressing her lover's big boobs and pinching her nipples, that is the moment I just know that these two are getting ready for an explosive film.

Blonde Beauties will be available on Tuesday, June 25. Do not miss these two gorgeous girls making each other feel amazing!

Love Notes, Sunday 6/23 Posted - June 21, 2013 No Comments

Have you ever had a long distance relationship? It involves a lot of anticipation and longing and plenty of masturbation that can be incredibly erotic as newcomer Candy Sweet demonstrates in Love Notes, our next film.

After penning a love letter to her lover filled with naughty suggestions of things she would like to do, Candy goes to bed and indulges in a long slow self-love session. It's so easy to follow along with how Candy is feeling as her tender dreamy touches gradually get faster and harder with each passing minute

You can enjoy Love Notes when it is released in our members area on Sunday, June 23. You will love watching Candy Sweet in action!

Sweet Feelings, Friday 6/21 Posted - June 19, 2013 No Comments

We just can't get enough of the super-hot Lorena, and neither can our members. We couldn't wait to bring her back for an all-new lesbian film, Sweet Feelings.

Although things start off sweet and simple with loving caresses between Lorena and her lover Whitney, things take an erotic and passionate turn as the passion builds. Whitney seems to know just how to push her woman's buttons, and turns out that Lorena is a total wildcat in bed, bucking her hips and nipping at her lover.

Sweet Feelings will be released on Friday, June 21. Get your weekend off to a sexy start and check back on Friday!

Exotic Beauty, Wednesday 6/19 Posted - June 17, 2013 No Comments

Ria Rodrigez is a newcomer to Nubile Films that I think will receive a warm reception. Her debut film, Exotic Beauty, is a sensual summer film starring a gorgeous girl having some fun with herself in the sun.

The thing that stands out to me about Ria is her amazing ass. We've featured girls of every shape and size here and I have to say that Ria's amazing butt is a cut above the rest. I love the way she really shows off her best asset in this film, squeezing and massaging her cheeks and reaching around to finger fuck herself from behind.

Exotic Beauty will be released on Wednesday, June 19. Do not miss this opportunity to check out Ria's hot solo!

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